Register interest in sponsorship with Canadian Resettlement groups

The Ads-Up Refugee Network and other refugee groups in Canada are exploring privately sponsored community resettlement options in Canada. To send your information to Canadian resettlement groups for consideration, please fill out the form below.

So far, two refugee from Manus and Nauru have been fully resettled in Canada through private sponsorship.

For our organization to help with your case, you must:

  • Have a document verifying a positive Refugee Status Determination (RSD) ie. PNG Refugee Card / UNHCR determination etc. or hold genuine LGBT+ status.

  • Be a refugee who was transferred by Australia to Nauru or PNG

  • Have received a rejection letter from the US resettlement program, be waiting for a determination from the US program, or have another reason you cannot use the US program (The US program is still the best permanent resettlement option for Manus/Nauru refugees — do not withdraw your application from the US program).

Please Note:

  • The Canadian process can take more than 24 months for permanent resettlement, even after we have found sponsors for your case.

  • Do not withdraw your US application. The USA remains the best and fastest opportunity for permanent resettlement from Manus and Nauru. For support in the USA, visit our US Support Website.

  • Consider asking a native English speaker for assistance if you have trouble filling out this form.

  • Please be honest about LGBT+ status, as there may be alternative resettlement options.


Note: Information entered may be shared between non-profit resettlement groups and volunteers, and may also be used in resettlement applications. NONE of your information will be shared with the governments of PNG, Nauru or Australia.

Note: Your information will be sent to Canadian refugee groups which are in the early stages of exploring potential resettlement options, it may take some time for them to respond to your application.

Note: Learn more about the private sponsor program here.

If you are an Aussie ex-pat in Canada, a Canadian refugee supporter, or an Aussie living in Australia or elsewhere, please join our mailing list to keep updated on our work and learn how you can help:

Register Interest:

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Date of Arrival on Manus / Nauru:
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Date of arrival in Australia (if evacuated from Manus/Nauru):
This could be a UNHCR refugee determination letter, a PNG Refugee Card, an Australian or US refugee determination document etc.
Date of Refugee Status Determination:
Date of Refugee Status Determination:
What date were you assessed as a recognized refugee?
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Date of application to US resettlement program:
If you applied to the US resettlement program, when approximately did you make that application?
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Date of rejection from US resettlement program:
If you were denied eligibility for the US resettlement program, when were you notified of this?
LGBT+ Status:
Some groups help LGBT+ refugees, let us know if you're eligible.
– Date of departure from home country – Who you left your home country with and why – Key dates in the journey, including apprehension by Australian authorities – The more detail here, the stronger your application will be – Any other relevant information
If so, please provide their NAMES, PHONE NUMBERS and EMAIL addresses here. The more information you can give, the better.
Friends and family in Canada can help us fundraise and may be able to form resettlement teams. Pease provide their names, ages, contact details and citizenship/residency status in Canada.
Please share any other information which you feel may be relevant (eg. Do you have a partner with you in detention? Have you had bad experiences or experienced abuse at the hands of detention staff? Do you require urgent medical assistance? Would you like to add a message?)
Authorization: *
I authorize Ads-Up to share my information with non-profit partners and potential host countries (eg. Canada) for the purpose of refugee resettlement applications. I know my information will NEVER be shared with the Australian, Nauru or PNG governments.