Aussies in the USA helping Nauru + Manus Refugees

Meet the new arrivals


Photography (above): Doerte Fitschen-Rath / Studio DF6

Featured Stories

Mina's Story

Mina’s life as a victim of sexual and domestic abuse saw her flee Iran – but her life in a tent for three-and-a-half years in Nauru wasn’t much better, she says. Despite longing for Australia, Mina is determined to make a good life in the United States – but it’s a lonely start. She knows no-one, doesn’t drive, and is having difficulty finding a permanent job. 

Bashir's story

Meet Juli, her military husband, their son and daughter, and Bashir and his refugee mate. This photo is from Bashir’s visit to their home in San Francisco. “He wanted to come see the city.” More than anything, Bashir wanted someone to talk to. To share his story. “We talk a lot and we stay in touch. You forget how young they are, given everything he’s gone through. He showed us pictures of the tents they lived in and just kept telling us how horrible it was.”


Hussain's Story

Hussain hadn’t celebrated his birthday in five years, so when three Ads-Up volunteers ordered him a birthday pancake from IHOP, the modest gesture made him visibly emotional.

Meet Sarah, and Liz and Jesse, three women in New York who met through Ads-Up when they were matched with with three refugees who had recently been resettled in the city.